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No one likes getting their hopes up. With a team that has over 20 years of experience, we know enough to never entrust rough measurements and to never bid a project over the phone. The renovation process has many unknowns and allows for a large margin for error. From the very beginning, we at Livinz look to reduce those unknowns and close that margin of error gap. In order to do this, we make it our priority to go over your why, understanding your needs, your wants, your dreams, and converting those into a tangible reality. 

Permit & Code Consulting

At Livinz, we only lead renovations that comply with the guidelines set forth by city and county zoning and permitting laws. Before starting any project, we take the time to help you understand what permits are required so we can integrate those into your budget. We also take the time to consult building codes so we can adapt your overall design if needed before breaking ground on any construction work. 


Traditional construction projects are normally starkly divided into two phases: the design and the actual build. In the first phase, the basic design plan is created and, once it is finalized, contractors place bids estimating the cost of labor to complete the work. In short, in this traditional construction process, there is no opportunity for the contractor to collaborate with the design team. At Livinz, you get to work one-on-one with a project manager that oversees both the design andbuild of your project. Livinz unites the traditionally divided phases into one smooth, collaborative project, ensuring efficient problem-solving, fostering innovation, speeding up project delivery, and saving you money.


Livinz takes pride in knowing our approach to communication is our strongest asset when making your dream project tangible. We make sure there is not only direct communication with you, but also between our construction team, design team, and staff.


Livinz is a majority women-owned construction and technology company with a class B license in the State of California #1067735, that is also bonded and insured. Created in October of 2018, Livinz’s technology approach seeks to reinvent the construction industry through education and collaboration. Using our unique renovation software, we are able to connect with people across the United States and provide them with any and all knowledge crucial to embarking on making their dream a reality. Further, we seek to unite the two phases of the renovation process, the design and build, by encouraging collaboration and communication throughout the entire project. Our goal is to create a workforce that feels happy, safe, and empowered to help future clients with their projects through a mutual meeting of minds. Livinz is reimagining the way we formulate, design, and build our future clients’ dream projects.



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